The Week’s Recap

I know, you haven’t heard from me for awhile. Well it’s hard to write posts when wifi is so limited!!

TongHua night market was fun… eventually my friends grew tired and took a taxi home while I went on (with a group of locals, yes I knew them beforehand) to a night market in Guting. I bought way too much stuff but I had a lot of fun!

Until this Friday (6/10) my week was pretty dry… actually no it was humid…. haha I know bad joke. But my internship started but we only had a three day week due to a holiday here in Taiwan. The holiday is the Dragon Boat Festival.

Next week in my lab they will be getting a pig corpse and we (Becca & I) will be observing what kind of insects are attracted. Yay for pig corpses.

On Saturday (6/11) the same group of locals that took us to the night market last week decided to take my friends & I up to the mountains outside Taipei. We visited a butterfly habitat there and went on a huge tour with the former major of Taipei named Alex. We even got a little media coverage and a blog post about the trip written by his wife Hana. I will post a link if I can find it. After that I we traveled to a large pond termed “Dream Lake” and had a coffee break there.

Next we went to a hot spring and night market to wrap up the night. (More details later)



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