Finally moved to NTU dorm

Now it’s June 4th and I have finally made it to my final resting place. My new home for the summer is in the Shiu-Yuan Prince dorms at National Taiwan University.

So when I arrived on June 3rd I was told that my lab would be very far from my dorm. They weren’t kidding!! Wowza, it’s about a 25-35 minute walk and in this heat…. I can’t… but I must!

I’m very pleased about my internship – the professor I will work under is very “chill” about what I want to research while I’m here. He says on Monday (6/6) or Tuesday (6/7) I can listen to the graduate students talk about their projects and pick the one I like best. Of course I have a general idea of what I’d like to research while I’m here but I am curious to listen to all the proposals. You will have to wait to hear which one I pick!

Since today (6/4) is a Saturday we (including two other girls from Purdue) decided to orientate ourselves better with ntu. All three of us actually ended up walking to the building where Becca & I will be working. We are still wondering about the best ways to get there.

(Here are some photos of the campus.)


The other girl studying here who went with us is named Cat. Early before we explored the campus (8-10am) we went out to find some kind of grocery store. We found ‘Wellcome’ and purchased a few items there. We decided to share a lot of items to make it cheaper.

Tonight we will head to TongHua night market to shop it up. I’ll keep you posted!


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