First 2 Days in Taipei

Hello again! On a bright Saturday afternoon (28th) I flew from Chicago to Hong Kong. Once at Hong Kong, we (my friend who is in the same program, Becca) and I had to wait out a 10 hour layover. Basically I hadn’t slept my whole flight and still couldn’t sleep. We arrived in Taipei at 8:30am on May 30th.

We were picked up by my family’s friend (We will call him Mr. T) and he took us to his apartment where we will stay until our program starts on June 3rd. After we were settled into our rooms and each took a shower Mr. T took us to a super market to pick up a few things. The supermarket’s name was Carrefour, it had everything imaginable and multiple floors with a parking garage as the basement.

Here is a  picture of some dragonfruit. It looked so awesome!


After leaving we returned to Mr. T’s apartment (3pm) to “take a rest” which turned into sleeping for the rest of the night. We were so tired… actually I woke up many times during the night but I was always able to fall back asleep until I woke up at 5:15am and sun was shining through my room’s window.

At about 8:00am (5/31) Mr. T took us to get breakfast. I decided I would buy food at 7-11 because I already knew what I wanted. So this is what I purchased at a total of 92 ntd ($2.83 usd):


So I bought (from left to write) a milk-flavored yogurt drink, a super yummy black milk tea, and a chicken & pork (pork not shown because I ate it) onigiri-type filled rice thing. Everything was super yummy and I can’t wait for lunch. And now we are caught up with the present basically. Becca & I have chosen to spend our time before the program relaxing. I’ll keep you posted!


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