Packing Prep

In 12 days I will be leaving my home in Indiana to go on a 2 month study abroad in Taiwan. The program is offering an agriculture internship along with classes and projects at National Taiwan University, the program is through Purdue University.

Of course being an entomology major I was ecstatic to find an actual entomology internship in a foreign country that I wanted to visit (Taiwan was my 1st choice, mainland China was 2nd). Believe me when I say insects aren’t a particularly popular subject to study anymore.

So now I have been *trying* to prepare and pack light for my trip. I will be checking 1 bag that will be primarily empty, or have items I’m certain I will use up while I’m there. I will also have a carry-on suitcase and a small backpack.

I haven’t actually packed anything yet but I’ve been setting out my clothes and other items so I’ll be ready to pack. I thought I’d share what I plan on packing. I’ll bring enough tops & bottoms to last approximately a week (if I only wore everything once), 1 thicker sweatshirt & 2 thin sweaters/over-shirts, a rain jacket, swimsuit, sleepwear, underwear (at least enough to last me for 2 weeks without doing laundry), at least 2 pairs of shoes if not 3, a hat, among other things like toiletries and electronics.

I still have items I need to go out and buy but I still have almost 2 weeks to gather supplies. Wish me luck, I’ll update soon. XOXO foleyfocus


3 thoughts on “Packing Prep”

      1. I’m quite curious about the living cost their. Not the general info on the internet but something more specific like how much does it cost for a meal etc… May you make a post about this?


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